Adjustment of state-owned assets

Targeted investment in state-owned assets in the restructuring and reform of state-owned assets.

Climate Energy

Climate energy is a relatively important area for carbon neutrality, and climate energy-related industries are targeted for investment in related industry funds.

Biological Diversity

The conservation of biodiversity is of great significance for achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and we invest with industrial funds in biodiversity-related fields.


Invest in biomedical-related industries.

Intelligent Equipment

Invest in projects such as artificial intelligence and robotics.

Urban Renewal

Investment in urban renewal projects.

Rural revitalization

Investment in rural revitalization related project sectors.

Future Community

Investment in future community-related projects.


REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) are a type of trust fund that pools the capital of a specific majority of investors by issuing income certificates, and is managed by a specialized investment institution for real estate investment, and distributes the comprehensive income of the investment to the investors proportionally. The income is mainly derived from rental income and real estate appreciation; the majority of the income will be used to pay dividends; REITs have a high long-term rate of return.


Asset securitization is the process of issuing asset-backed securities (ABS) backed by the future cash flows generated by the underlying assets as repayment, and credit enhancement through a structured design. It is a form of financing in which tradable securities are issued backed by a specific portfolio of assets or specific cash flows.

mutualfund / CIS

Mutual funds, also known as mutual funds, are funds that pool the balances of many investors together, which means that many investors jointly hire a professional investment manager from a fund company and use his or her expertise to diversify into different investment categories, so that this small investment can also enjoy low risk and higher return opportunities on a reciprocal basis.