Money market funds

Money market funds (MMF) is an investment fund that invests in short-term (less than one year, average maturity of 120 days) marketable securities in the money market. The fund's assets are mainly invested in short-term monetary instruments such as treasury bills, commercial papers, bank certificates of deposit, bankers' acceptances, short-term government bonds, corporate bonds and other short-term marketable securities. Money funds have only one way to pay dividends - dividends to investment. Each unit of money market fund is always kept at 1 yuan, and the income after exceeding 1 yuan will be automatically converted into fund shares on time, and the number of fund shares owned means the number of assets owned. Other open-end funds have fixed shares and cumulative net unit values, and investors can only rely on the fund's annual dividends to realize their income.

Fixed Income Funds

Focuses on carbon sink-related fixed income funds, which are not disturbed by equity fluctuations and have stable returns.