Carbonpool Funds

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Carbonpool Funds Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Shanghai Tower. This public offering fund, relying on academic and industrial think tanks in the fields of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking at home and abroad, and relying on its core capabilities in the overall solution of sustainable development strategies, serves carbon strategies, Focus on carbon standards, face the carbon market, and contribute to the development and positioning of Shanghai as an international financial center and a global asset management center.

Carbonpool Funds strictly abide by regulatory guidance and operate in compliance. Prioritize serving target markets such as state-owned assets adjustment, ecological restoration, environmental protection, green energy, low-carbon materials, forest and grass carbon sinks, rural revitalization, urban renewal, and RMB internationalization, and are oriented towards the financial market and securities market.

Build in carbon policy, carbon standard, carbon capture, carbon research, carbon education and training, carbon inventory, carbon measurement, carbon rights confirmation, carbon industry, carbon trading, carbon finance, carbon securities, carbon credit, carbon pledge, carbon guarantee, etc. With a holographic and diversified service system, Carbonpool Funds provides efficient, professional, accurate and sustainable strategic overall solutions for government departments, public welfare organizations, financial institutions, securities institutions, insurance institutions, and domestic and foreign investors.

Global Carbon Expo

The Global Carbon Expo will take "Practice the national dual-carbon strategic goal and contribute climate action wisdom to the world" as the theme goal, and invite government agencies, famous academicians, business executives in the fields of climate, environment and energy to participate in the conference, from policy planning to implementation Standards, the latest developments in carbon industry, carbon asset management, carbon finance, carbon securities, etc., as well as hot topics such as carbon investment, carbon technology solutions, etc., exchange practical cases, for the government, financial institutions, securities institutions and investors. During the process of participating in the implementation of carbon projects and planning for enterprise transformation and upgrading, we provide the most valuable services to enable participants to better understand the latest trends and challenges in international and domestic carbon aspects, so as to seize opportunities and respond to adjustments.

Carbonpool Funds Co., Ltd. is committed to serving the decision-making of national dual-carbon strategic goals, serving the strategic positioning of Shanghai's global asset management center and international financial center, and focusing on the global dual-carbon element market relying on its core capabilities in the overall solution of sustainable development strategies.

Carbon Expo Online

The Online Carbon Expo is an online summit of the Global Carbon Expo. It is an online event for those who cannot reach the venue due to the epidemic, and synchronizes with the offline exhibition, so that more people can learn about carbon sinks.